10 Most Popular Beaches in Europe

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When taking a European tour, it would be a shame to miss some of its breathtakingly beautiful beaches. There are many to choose from; all of which have unique qualities that draw in crowds from across the globe. Ten of the most popular European beaches are as follows:

1) St. Tropez

Photo by cattias.photos

Located in France, this beach is frequented by many celebrities because of its high class night clubs, hotels, and dining experiences. The blue waters, relaxing atmosphere, and welcoming locals are reasons enough to visit this beach.

2) Biarritz Beach

Photo by Destination Europe

Also located in France, this beach has partitioned swimming and surfing areas for safety. For this reason, this is a popular destination for a family holiday. In the summer months the world famous Biarritz festival attracts thousands of visitors.

3) Tarifa

Photo by MarKiddo

Located in Spain, this beach is said to be the windiest beach in the world. For this reason, surfers flock here to experience the huge waves. Besides the beautiful water, Tarifa is also surrounded by gorgeous rocky cliffs which attract rock climbers from miles around.

4) Marbella

Photo by maxid

Also located in Spain, this beach provides a relaxing experience with its white sand and tropical palm trees. Visitors come from miles around to experience its periodic elephant showers.

5) Kefalonia

Photo by James F Clay

Located in Greece, this beach is said to be the most beautiful one in Europe. The locals call this beach a true retreat for your soul.

6) Brighton

Photo by Rain Rabbit

Located in England, this beach is famous for its exciting nightlife which includes bars, dance clubs, upscale restaurants, and beach shops which are opened to late hours of the evening.

7) Toscana, Punta Ala

Photo by nico.cavallotto

Located on the west coast of Northern Italy, this beach provides a long stretch of white sand along the side of some of Rome’s historical landmarks.

8) Caldiz

Located in Spain, this beach brings crowds from all over the world to experience its vast beauty. Besides the view, Caldiz is known for its perfect surfing conditions, fishing, and sailing. The nightlife is plentiful and the shopping is what some locals call a “shopper’s dream.”

9) Cannes

Photo by Wilson Loo

Located in France, this group of beaches has some of the world’s best restaurants and cafes as well as a huge array of shops to choose from. The beaches are full of quaint little private umbrella sheds for visitors to take cover from the sun.

10) Ibiza

Photo by Mick_Gallagher_1959

Located in Spain, this beach is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe as it is surrounded by sparkling blue waters. It is known for its musical ambience and fast paced nightlife. The party never ends on Ibiza beach, which is why the night clubs are always full to capacity and the dance floors are rocking with smiling faces.

All of these beaches are a must see for anyone who is taking a European tour. Whether you are looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway, a shopper’s paradise, a surfing holiday, or a wild fast paced dance party, there is a European beach that will suit your needs.

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