3 Things You Must See While Holidaying In Cuba

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Holidaying-In-CubaThanks to its stunning natural beauty, unique culture and abundance of historical sites, Cuba’s popularity as a holiday destination has boomed in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Everywhere you look you’ll see breath-taking vistas, rolling forests and ancient ruins. Each city has a unique flavour, and the beaches are truly incredible. Whether you want to lounge about on scorching white sands, trek through river valleys or sample the food in traditional eateries – Cuba truly has it all.

In days gone by, Cuba’s anti-American stance and hard-line communist government made travel from the west challenging, to say the least. In recent years things have calmed down though, and now even pop-culture icons like Beyoncé travel to Cuba for their holidays. If you’re thinking of following suite, and spending a week or two in Cuba, there are some things that you really must take the time to do.

1. Visit Camaguey

Camaguey is a small City nestled deep within the heart of ‘cattle country’ in central Cuba. Unlike its larger, more metropolitan cousin Havana, Camaguey still retains all of its old world charm, and traditional architecture. Everywhere you look you’ll see ancient brick plazas, towering three story houses decorated in traditional style and beautifully carved church spires. The locals are a friendly bunch, and there’s a wealth of pleasant cafés to visit too.

2. Spend a Day on the Zapata Peninsula

The Zapata Peninsula is a beautiful blend of swampland and forest that’s absolutely packed with all manner of wildlife. Because it’s part of a huge, protected biosphere reserve, Zapata Peninsula is home to a great many endangered species, as well as a broad array of absolutely fantastic coral reefs. Anyone visiting the Zapata Pensinsula should back beach clothes too, as the sweeping white sands and crisp, blue seas are simply too good to pass up.

3. Visit Sierra de la Gran Piedra

Sierra de la Gran Piedra is a stunning mountain range that, at its highest point, stands some 1,225 meters above sea level. The mountains are popular with climbers and hill walkers alike, and anyone interested will also find a wealth of caves to explore. Whether you’re interested in the scenery, or the challenge offered by these towering peaks, Cuba’s best kept secret is sure to take your breath away.

Make sure you travel at the right time of year though; this spectacular island is an absolutely stunning holiday destination, and you’ll always be able to find good all inclusive holidays to Cuba, but the heat in late-summer can be oppressive, and most sensible holidaymakers will travel in early June.

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