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      Quzhou City in cheung chemical co., LTD., was founded in 2008 on June 30, located in zhejiang Quzhou City four provices, the convenient transportation and rich chemical resources.Company's business involves medicine, pesticides, dyes, and other industries.I company with the major national chemical, pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturers have close relations, and maintain good relations of cooperation, to be able to remain stable.Since its establishment, give play to their own advantages, in line with "integrity, pragmatic, innovative" business philosophy for many years, the development so far, has become a professional management "bromide chemical products", "fluoro chemical products" enterprise integrating industry, excellent product quality, cost-effective, business oriented cities across the country.We would like to work with the four seas, bosom friend from all walks of life tongren common development hand in hand.Enterprise mission: - based on the chemical industry, explores and develops.Good faith service, based on quality and credit.Standardize the management, the introduction of advanced and scientific methods.To strengthen cooperation, establish a good relationship.Development of new products, industrial development, optimize the industrial structure.Create brand, serve the country, for the economic development, environmental protection and social progress to contribute.