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Mini Clubvan Camper

This time Mini has come up with the world’s smallest luxury camper van and this car has the ability to transform itself into home on wheels when you want to spend some nights in it. However, the car offers sleeping space for one person along with extended kitchenette that has propane stove and chest fridge. The car also offers better on board facilities like Mini Navigation Portable XL satellite navigation that help travelers to find their exact location even in some of the remote spots. The car also has a TV set that can provide entertainment options along with auxiliary heater that can comfort users during chilly mornings. Interestingly, the roof of the Mini Clubvan Camper can open for ventilation and also for star gazing at night while it also has storage rack that can take up the extra load of equipments that car owners have. It also offers handheld shower with water tank that is underneath the load floor.

Mini Clubvan Camper

Mini Cowley

Mini Cowley is basically a compact tourer which can also become a luxurious overnight camping van for those who like to be on the move. The car has ample of space for two persons to sleep along with twin burner gas stove, water tank with pump and sink facility and solar module onboard battery, fridge and TV, DVD and audio equipments. The exterior styling of this car is inspired from 1969 Mini vehicles that have curved lines and sliding windows on both sides.

Mini Cowley

Mini Countryman ALL4

Mini Countryman ALL4 takes the holiday experience to the next level for those who cannot find any accommodation at the last moment. The car comes with roof top tent and car owners can pump up the pillows with air and it offers an ideal space for two people on the roof. The car offers better driving options and therefore it can take on any rough terrain. The car is available in Absolute Black Metallic color.

Mini Countryman ALL4

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Lonely Planet Collaborates with Mini for Epic Adventure Trip http://www.utmostjourneys.com/lonely-planet-collaborates-with-mini-for-epic-adventure-trip.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/lonely-planet-collaborates-with-mini-for-epic-adventure-trip.html#comments Tue, 04 Jun 2013 12:49:09 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=418 Lonely-Planet-teams-up-with-MINILonely Planet is all set to celebrate their 40th birthday and this time they have decided to send their two travel writers in a Mini Cooper D Clubman on a tour from London to Istanbul. Lonely Planet said that they are trying to celebrate their birthday celebrations in a better way and therefore they have decided to put two travel magazine writers in a Mini and let them take an epic journey of 10,000 miles across Europe, Asia and Australia. The trip will also celebrate the seminal trip from London to Sydney that was initially made by Lonely Planet co-founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler.

Lonely Planet said that after the couple decided to take a trip in their classic Minivan they came up with their first guidebook Across Asia on the Cheap that was published in 1973 and it was the success of the book that led to the birth of Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet revealed that Wheelers paid just 60 GBP for their ten year old Morris Mini Traveller that they drove from London to Kabul in 1972. On the other hand, the 2013 Mini Cooper D Clubman is somewhat similar but has better top speed of 122 mph and offers 1.6 liter engine that has the capability to put out 112 bhp and offer fuel economy of 72 mpg.

Lonely Planet Traveller Editor Peter Grunert said that they are really excited about this new project where two travel writers will take on the journey. He said that the world has changed in the last forty years and it will be exciting to see how these writers document their trip and the entire journey. Co-founder Tony Wheeler also said that he is really excited to see how much the world has changed since 1972 and there are some destinations that can be hard for the travelers.

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3 Things You Must See While Holidaying In Cuba http://www.utmostjourneys.com/3-things-you-must-see-while-holidaying-in-cuba.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/3-things-you-must-see-while-holidaying-in-cuba.html#comments Fri, 31 May 2013 14:56:17 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=410 Holidaying-In-CubaThanks to its stunning natural beauty, unique culture and abundance of historical sites, Cuba’s popularity as a holiday destination has boomed in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Everywhere you look you’ll see breath-taking vistas, rolling forests and ancient ruins. Each city has a unique flavour, and the beaches are truly incredible. Whether you want to lounge about on scorching white sands, trek through river valleys or sample the food in traditional eateries – Cuba truly has it all.

In days gone by, Cuba’s anti-American stance and hard-line communist government made travel from the west challenging, to say the least. In recent years things have calmed down though, and now even pop-culture icons like Beyoncé travel to Cuba for their holidays. If you’re thinking of following suite, and spending a week or two in Cuba, there are some things that you really must take the time to do.

1. Visit Camaguey

Camaguey is a small City nestled deep within the heart of ‘cattle country’ in central Cuba. Unlike its larger, more metropolitan cousin Havana, Camaguey still retains all of its old world charm, and traditional architecture. Everywhere you look you’ll see ancient brick plazas, towering three story houses decorated in traditional style and beautifully carved church spires. The locals are a friendly bunch, and there’s a wealth of pleasant cafés to visit too.

2. Spend a Day on the Zapata Peninsula

The Zapata Peninsula is a beautiful blend of swampland and forest that’s absolutely packed with all manner of wildlife. Because it’s part of a huge, protected biosphere reserve, Zapata Peninsula is home to a great many endangered species, as well as a broad array of absolutely fantastic coral reefs. Anyone visiting the Zapata Pensinsula should back beach clothes too, as the sweeping white sands and crisp, blue seas are simply too good to pass up.

3. Visit Sierra de la Gran Piedra

Sierra de la Gran Piedra is a stunning mountain range that, at its highest point, stands some 1,225 meters above sea level. The mountains are popular with climbers and hill walkers alike, and anyone interested will also find a wealth of caves to explore. Whether you’re interested in the scenery, or the challenge offered by these towering peaks, Cuba’s best kept secret is sure to take your breath away.

Make sure you travel at the right time of year though; this spectacular island is an absolutely stunning holiday destination, and you’ll always be able to find good all inclusive holidays to Cuba, but the heat in late-summer can be oppressive, and most sensible holidaymakers will travel in early June.

Photo credit to Nouhailler

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Travelling light: how to sort the wheat from the chaff when preparing for a holiday http://www.utmostjourneys.com/travelling-light-how-to-sort-the-wheat-from-the-chaff-when-preparing-for-a-holiday.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/travelling-light-how-to-sort-the-wheat-from-the-chaff-when-preparing-for-a-holiday.html#comments Thu, 23 May 2013 18:37:17 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=406 No matter what type of holiday or trip you are about to embark on, knowing what to take with you and what to leave behind is an essential thing to learn. With increases in the costs for taking all kinds of luggage on a plane it’s important to keep weight down. If you’re going backpacking it’s even more necessary to make sure you’re not carrying anything you really don’t need.

Carry it

The first tip for any kind of travel is to try and limit your luggage to carry-on baggage only. Not only will this save you money but it also saves time and hassle with check-ins and waits at carousels in airport arrival lounges. Another advantage is that your gear is with you at all times so you know that it is safe and being handled carefully.


Different airlines have various specifications for their carry-on allowances and there are actually no standard issue rules and regulations. Both size and weight need to be checked, for example British Airways specs are different to Virgin’s and low cost airlines like Ryanair are very strict.

Make sure your bag or backpack fits in with the requirements for any airline you intend to use on your trip – this can save you nasty surprises in terms of extra check-in costs.


Don’t take more than you need. Although this sounds obvious, it is the hardest thing to do when trying to travel light. Think about what you really need clothes-wise for the climate that you will encounter but remember to consider that temperatures are likely to be different when you return home so you’ll need to prepare for that. Making sets of co-ordinated clothes that can be mixed and matched together can also be a great idea to save space in your bags.

Fold and roll

How you actually pack can make all the difference too – you need to make the most of every nook and cranny in your bags. Fold and roll is the big trick that seasoned travellers learn to use, folding heavy items as alternating layers so that bulges even out into a smooth pile and rolling small items up so that they fit in between others.

Don’t sacrifice the essentials

When packing light it can be easy to get carried away and scrimp on the essentials – but this is something you should avoid at all cost. To do this, you need to identify what is absolutely vital to your trip and make sure it is packed as a priority.

It is a real advantage to be able to keep in touch wherever you go and the nature of the internet means that it is a great idea to take a device with you to go online. There’s no need to take everything though – do you really need a tablet or laptop as well as a smartphone? Instead of loading yourself down with pesky gadgets, take only what you need.

Similarly, make sure you have adequate travel insurance in place to address any potential problems you may encounter. Allianz Global Assistance is an example of annual cover which you can obtain but there are also single trip policies available for less frequent travellers.

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Should You Order Insurance When You Get a Car? http://www.utmostjourneys.com/should-you-order-insurance-when-you-get-a-car.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/should-you-order-insurance-when-you-get-a-car.html#comments Sun, 12 May 2013 12:27:33 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=399 When you are renting a car, you are always faced with the decision of whether or not to order the insurance with your rental policy. This is a question that’s answer can be determined by knowing the insurance coverage you already have with your current automobile insurance coverage. Here is a look at what you need to know about insurance before you rent a car.

Check with Your Provider


by J. Stephen Conn

The first thing you need to do before you ever rent a car is to take a good look at your current auto insurance policy. Take a look at all the sections to see if you can figure out what it says about rental car coverage. Most people’s auto insurance policies cover them with liability insurance in the case that they cause an accident while they are driving any car, including a rental car.

For policy holders who have this coverage, it doesn’t make any sense to pay for expensive insurance from the car rental company. This is duplicate insurance that is completely unnecessary. Of course, it is important to talk with your insurance agent to make sure that you are completely covered with your liability insurance in case you cause an accident while you are driving the rental car.

For car rental customers who do not have an auto insurance policy, it may still be unnecessary to order the car rental insurance. Many credit card companies offer car rental insurance coverage when renters use their credit cards to pay for the rental. If you do not have auto insurance that covers you when you drive a rental car, then call your credit card companies to see if they do. If you can find one that offers full auto insurance coverage for car rentals, then use that company’s credit card to pay for any car rentals that you get.

In the rare case that neither your auto insurance policy nor your credit card covers you while you are driving a rental car, then you need to pay for the auto insurance from the car rental company. You always want to drive safely by being fully covered in the case of an accident.

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Flying Solo: How to Plan and Prepare for Travelling Alone http://www.utmostjourneys.com/flying-solo-how-to-plan-and-prepare-for-travelling-alone.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/flying-solo-how-to-plan-and-prepare-for-travelling-alone.html#comments Tue, 23 Apr 2013 09:29:33 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=394 prepare-for-travelling-aloneTravelling alone gives you a whole lot of freedom, which is amazing: you don’t have any companions you need to adjust your schedule to and you can go wherever you want to go to see whatever you want to see. It’s essential to prepare well for your travels, however, as you also have full responsibility over yourself and nobody else to fall back on, should something happen. Here are some tips on how to plan and prepare for travelling alone and what you should do if you’re flying solo.

1. Make lists, lists and more lists

Before you go, read up on the places you’re planning to visit. You can either do an internet search or get some travel guides – possibly even ask friends who have been there before for some tips. If you find something that interests you, write it down immediately. Sort all the spots you want to visit and sights you want to see by location. This way you will never run out of ideas on where to go if boredom strikes.

You could go even further and make lists of what you want to spend your time on when you’re relaxing, what foods you want to taste and the activities you want to undertake. This way you will never run out of ideas and you won’t miss out on the things you were looking forward to the most.

2. Bring enough money

If something happens to you and you’re on your own, this unfortunately also means you will have to deal with the problem without any support from family members or friends. If the airport loses your luggage or if your wallet or passport get stolen (let’s hope this doesn’t happen, of course), you need to carry enough money with you to replace your lost items. Plan your budget before you go and set money aside for the possibility of accidents happening. If you need some more money to spend, you can make some easy cash by selling your old DVDs, CDs and games at http://www.musicmagpie.com.

3. Find some locals to hang out with

Though travelling on your own is amazing, it might get lonely sometimes. Ask around if your friends or family know anyone who resides in the places you are visiting, or try and find some like-minded travellers over the internet. After spending your entire day alone, it will be nice to sit down and have a drink with someone in the evening.

4. Always bring your passport with you

Don’t ever leave the place where you sleep without your passport. Especially when you’re on your own, it’s important to be able to identify you at all times. Invest in a safe bag that you can carry with you or hide it in a pocket with a zipper that only you can reach.

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Google Offers Opportunities to Explore Seven Summits http://www.utmostjourneys.com/google-offers-opportunities-to-explore-seven-summits.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/google-offers-opportunities-to-explore-seven-summits.html#comments Tue, 19 Mar 2013 14:00:57 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=390 Kilimanjaro-and-more-with-Google-MapsThere are many places that we wish we could go across the world but there are some places that require lot of courage and determination and only few people in the world actually get the opportunity to go and see such places. However, Google is making things easier for the adventure lovers and also for people that love to take a quick look and tour places where they can never reach. If you love high and tall mountains that are always out of your reach you have the chance to explore them right on your computer or on your smartphone or tablet device.

Google has now made it available for the consumers to explore places like Kilimanjaro in Africa, Everest Base Camp in Asia, Mount Elbrus in Europe and Aconcagua in South America. Google claims that these are some of the most popular mountain ranges in the world and these mountains belong to the group of peaks that are also called as Seven Summits. Of course, there is nothing like standing in real on top of these high mountains but Google Maps can now offer a chance to users to immediately transport themselves to these high peaks and enjoy the sights and landscapes that they would have seen if they were there in real.

The good part about watching the same landscape on Google Maps is that you don’t have to fear avalanches, rock slides and dangers of altitude and frost bites that most mountaineers endure when they take such adventurous trips to these high peaks. Google believes that this will allow some nice experience for users that would like to take on such adventures in real life but cannot because they are not full time professional trekkers or probably because they don’t have the time and budget to take on such a challenge in their lifetime.

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Top 4 Factors to Consider While Borrowing Money for Travel http://www.utmostjourneys.com/top-4-factors-to-consider-while-borrowing-money-for-travel.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/top-4-factors-to-consider-while-borrowing-money-for-travel.html#comments Tue, 12 Mar 2013 18:59:24 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=385 While loan is often seen as the last option by many people around the world it is very much the easiest way to get things done especially if you need urgent cash on your side. If you are looking for some travel options and if you don’t have cash ready on your side you will need to look out for better loan options that can allow you to get the right funds for your travel plans. While there are many banks that can provide you with better loan options but it is always a good idea to go for unsecured loans for your travel especially if you have a bad credit. However, still there are many factors that you need to consider when you are focusing on loans that you will need for your travel plans.


by Ben Beiske

Loan Amount – When you are in need of more funds that you will need for travel you will need to know the right amount that you need for it. This is going to help you to get the right kind of financial help that you need. Hence, always make plans on how you are going to set your travel budget and then decide the kind of loan amount that you need. Normally, you will find that many financial institutions and banks are glad to provide financial assistance up to $20,000 which is good enough for travel plans.

Credit Score – It is always recommended that you take a quick look at the credit score even before you approach the bank. There are many people that never really understand the importance of credit score and therefore they are not even sure about the actual credit score. Hence, always make sure that your credit score is good enough because it actually helps when you are approaching a bank for unsecured loans. In some cases of unsecured loans the credit history is not checked but in such cases the interest rates charged will be high which means that your monthly repayments will be high as well.

Loan Term – It is always recommended that you also pay attention to the loan term as well when you are focusing on unsecured loans for your travels. The concept of loan term is very important and therefore you need to make sure that you know your budget and financial plans in the future that can go hand in hand with the loan term. The loan term and monthly payments together can impact your future financial plans and therefore it is wise to understand how much you will be paying in the future with monthly payments.

Reputable Lenders – Always look out for better financial firms and banks that can offer you better loan options. Although there are many online sites that do offer unsecured loans for travel but it is recommended that you look for banks and financial firms that have good history of providing unsecured loans for your travels. This will help you to stay away from any financial discrepancies at later stage.

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7 Golden Tips to Cut Cost While Traveling in the Year 2013 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/7-golden-tips-to-cut-cost-while-traveling-in-the-year-2013.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/7-golden-tips-to-cut-cost-while-traveling-in-the-year-2013.html#comments Thu, 28 Feb 2013 09:00:20 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=379 Harsh economic trends and situations have pushed many frequent travelers and tourists on back foot as they can hardly decide which places they would like to travel in the future considering the rising inflation and soaring prices of air tickets and accommodations around the world. Travelling today is an expensive affair and therefore many travelers look out for simpler ways where they can cut down the overall cost of travel to save more and use that money on something else that can make their travel memorable and better.


by travelmapiperu841

Let’s look out for better ways that we can find to cut down the overall cost of travel if you are planning to travel alone or with your family and friends in the year 2013.

  • Research – Obviously, when you want to look out for practical options that work in real time you have to think out of the box and that can only happen when you start finding more information that is relevant to your travel. The good thing is that today there are many travel sites, review sites, booking sites that share large amount of real time data on the web that can be a handy tool to cut down the overall cost of travel. You need to start researching on how you want to travel, when you want to travel and where you want to stay and then start comparing and researching on the options that you find. This way you can get real time data to support your travel plans. You can also make use of forums to ask any of the travel related queries to other travelers and that can be useful as well.
  • Book in Advance – Most travelers in the year 2012 had booked their air tickets in advanced and the same trend continues in the current year as well where travelers are always conscious about the rapidly rising air ticket charges. Buying your air ticket in advance always gives you an advantage to cut down the prices that you will pay if you are buying an air ticket at the last moment. You can do the same for hotels and various rental accommodations as well to ensure that you get cheaper deals that you can bring down the overall cost.
  • Use City Transit – Travelers usually never look out for using city transit like local buses, trains and subways because they believe that it is too risky as they can face some unwanted situations. However, using city transit options can actually help you to cut down your overall travel costs. Instead of using taxis and rental cars that are expensive you can look out for trains and buses that can get you from one part of the city to another without charging you more money. You can find out more about the safest and quickest ways to travel through the city using city transportation options and save some bucks for your trip.
  • Use Bicycles – No matter where you go you will always find bicycles that you can get on rent. Although, bicycles are not good enough for long distance travels but you can certainly roam in the city on it and save yourself some good money. Rental bicycles are available cheaply and therefore you don’t spend the same amount of money when you are renting a car that also charges you for the amount of fuel you use. With bicycles you can quickly get to various locations without bothering about city transport schedules and timings.
  • Hunt for Discounts – A good shopper always hunts for better discounts and therefore don’t be too impulsive when you are buying something that attracts your attention. When you are shopping in the city you need to make sure that you ask for the same kind of products at different locations and stores and chances are that you might find someone that can offer you the same product for a comparatively low price. You need to keep in mind that there are some wholesale sellers that do offer similar products for low retail price and you can grab the opportunity.
  • Travel in Groups – Traveling solo is definitely expensive and therefore you can always look out for other travelers that you can join as there are many hotels and restaurants that offer discounts when you are in groups. This way you can make better friends on your journey and get some discounts that you might not have enjoyed if you would have arrived solo. Traveling in groups also reduces your chances to get robbed or miss out the help that you might need.
  • Free Internet – In some of the reviews that were posted on the sites in 2012 it was found that majority of the travelers spend too much on getting internet services. Instead of spending money on hotels that offer paid Wi-Fi or internet service look out for locations where you can get free Wi-Fi services like public places or cafes like Starbucks that offer options to use internet service for free.
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4 New Mountain Resorts that are Worth Visiting http://www.utmostjourneys.com/4-new-mountain-resorts-that-are-worth-visiting.html http://www.utmostjourneys.com/4-new-mountain-resorts-that-are-worth-visiting.html#comments Tue, 26 Feb 2013 13:23:06 +0000 http://www.utmostjourneys.com/?p=360 Travelers today are more conscious about making the best use of the limited holiday time that they have and therefore they look out for new destinations and better resorts that an offer them superior comfort and low price options. Mountain resorts are soon becoming popular across the world as many families and groups decide to hit some of the adventurous destinations where they can have a good time with their loved ones and also enjoy some outdoor activities that offers better holiday memories that they can take back home. Here we find out more about the best new mountain resorts in the world that are gaining popularity with travelers.

Tahoe Mountain Resorts Lodging

If you are looking for new mountain resorts that can offer you better options at affordable rates then you can look out for Tahoe Mountain Resorts. This mountain resort offers a condo resort experience located in the Truckee’s Northstar neighborhood. The resort is close to Kings Beach State Park and therefore family and friends can visit the park whenever they like. The resort also offers better options like coffee shops, snack bar, golf courses, health club, children swimming pool, and sauna and steam room.


Tahoe Mountain Resorts also offer shuttle service for a round trip to airport that saves money as well. The resort also offers tour assistance that can offer better views of the nearby tourist attractions. The rooms are well furnished and offer all kind of technology comforts that one can think of. This smoke free property also offers concierge desk, housekeeping and other guests services. The resort charges around $319 and above per night.

Myrkdalen Hotel

If you are looking for new mountain resorts in Europe then you can head to Norway for some fantastic holiday experience. Myrkdalen Hotel is among the new mountain resorts that have gained quick popularity and they offer the best holiday experience to the travelers. The property also offers better skiing options and therefore travelers that enjoy skiing here if they come here in winter season. The hotel offers wide range of rooms from special designer rooms to friendly and affordable family rooms. Located in Voss Mountain Village the resort offers lot of options for every member of the family. The resort charges around $160 and above per night which is slightly economical for budget travelers.


Nira Alpina

If you are heading to Switzerland for some family fun together then you must make sure that you watch out for Nira Alpina which is a member of Design Hotels and that can offer a lot of options to travelers that want something economical. The hotel is just three miles from the main city and therefore it offers a better out of the city experience while travelers can enjoy the view of Lake Silvaplana from their balconies. The hotel offers all the room comforts and modern amenities and it is also ideal for travelers that would like to ski during the winter season. Travelers that would like to enjoy skiing here can also look out for the pass on the hotel site. During summer there are many other activities that are provided here so this is another all around the year mountain resort that can offer multiple adventure sports. Travelers can also enjoy the cable car trips and bicycling and mountain trekking in the summer. The hotel also offers spa and various packages for budget travelers that would like to use some discount options. The resort charges around $225 and above for the rooms that are available.


The Sutton Place Hotel

Who said new mountain resorts around the world are expensive? Well, The Sutton Place Hotel in Revelstoke, BC, Canada offers the condo style mountain resort experience for a price that fits well for budget travelers. The hotel offers all the room amenities and luxuries that one can think about and is located very close to Mount Mackenzie. The hotel is also known as Revelstoke Mountain Resort just in case you are confused between the two popular names. It is the only resort in the world that offers lift, cat-heli and backcountry skiing. It also offers lot of meditation and yoga classes for the travelers. The hotel charges around $149 and above for the rooms.


by Revelstoke Mtn

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