How To Get Lots Of Work Done On Your Holiday

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A holiday is meant to be a time to switch off and to revel in the opportunity to not do anything and to explore and tan. I get that I do, but sometimes I actually want to work, and sometimes working is what I do in order to relax. I might be weird in that way, but I am so interested in the work I do and have so many projects constantly on the go that I actually relish the opportunity to focus on them without distractions as much as other people relish the chance to get stuck into one of the Twilight novels… And I also happen to know that I’m not alone in feeling that way.

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The trouble of course is how you work while you’re on holiday and when you don’t have access to all of your normal supplies and tools – sometimes not even an internet connection. But fear not, it is possible to get a good amount of work done still. Here I’ll let you in on how I do it…

The Perfect Scenario

In the perfect scenario working should be easy. If you choose a hotel that has a wireless broadband connection then you can always use this in order to get online and to check your e-mail/keep up with your correspondence, and then all you have to do is to bring an ultrabook and you’ll be able to work easily in the evenings.

However you won’t always be able to manage this and for starters your fellow travellers probably won’t be overjoyed at choosing the holiday based on where there’s wireless. Likewise you might not have enough space in your bag for a big heavy computer to carry around. Thus we need alternatives…


One alternative for your internet connection is to find an internet café, and you can almost always find one near your hotel. It doesn’t have to be an internet café specifically though either – as actually you can often make do with just a ‘regular’ café as they will often have an internet connection. And if you really need to check your e-mail while you’re around the pool/in your room? Then consider getting a Kindle – these come with a free 3G connection that you can access anywhere in the country and though you can’t attach documents this is at least enough to do some research.

And if you can’t take your laptop then you can consider using a smartphone instead. Of course this is a poor replacement for a HP or a Dell computer, but if you buy yourself a Bluetooth keyboard then actually you can be highly productive even on a small screen and save your work to upload when you get back. You’ll also need some apps for this purpose, but there are lots that can greatly increase your productivity – such as Panel Writer for Android that lets you use tiled browsing and word processing, or  QuickOffice Pro for both Oss that allows you to edit Word files and make tables etc. Or how about  DropBox to allow you to immediately share your information with your computer over a WiFi network?  And even if you take your laptop with you then all these things can come in handy when you travel out into a town and want to lighten your load – and this way you can work at the drop of a hat in any pub or café while you’re on the move.

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