How to Make Your Long Distance Motorcycle Riding Tour Memorable?

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We always talk about how we can spend great time enjoying our holidays at various holiday destinations. However, have you noticed that we only talk about holiday destination and not about the journey that we make? Some people on the planet are really excited to make the most out of the time they have and therefore they decide to go for long distance riding on their motorcycle where they can cover long distances with all their friends.

However, long distance riding on a motorcycle is not a joke because you have to look into various conditions and situations before you actually travel long distances.

Choosing Motorcycle

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The most important thing that you need to look for before you go for long distance motorcycle riding is the motorcycle itself. If you don’t know more about long distance motorcycles or touring motorcycles you need to learn more about it because not all motorcycles are meant for long distance riding. There are special features in certain motorcycles that make it touring motorcycles. These motorcycles are really heavy because they can carry heavy load that you have along with you. These motorcycles have engines that can perform heavy duty and therefore they can help you ride more than 200 kilometers an hour with all that extra luggage and passengers. Motorcycles like Yamaha Tricker and BMW R1100GS are suitable for long distance motorcycle riding.

Sitting Comfortably

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Another important aspect that you need to take into consideration is the sitting space on your motorcycle. If the saddle on your motorcycle does not allow you to sit on it for long hours then you cannot count that motorcycle as long distance riding bike because nearly half way down the journey you will begin to have physical problems especially in your back and you would decide to take a halt before you proceed ahead. Such motorcycles can spoil your holiday mood because you will be down with back injuries and pain. Touring motorcycles have better cushioning saddle that allows rider to sit for long hours and ride the bike comfortably. The sink in saddle definitely looks good but it won’t allow you to change your sitting posture and therefore flat saddle are considered better than preformed saddle.

Rest Eat and Drink

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If you have hundreds of miles to cover on your long distance riding you need to look out for routes and highways where you can find hotels and restaurants where you can halt and freshen up. You cannot just force yourself to complete the entire journey in one stretch because that is nearly impossible. Hence, it is better that apply brakes to your speeding motorcycle and take a break. You should even buy some small candies and candy bars that you can keep with you in case you are hungry on the way. However, don’t go for a heavy meal that can make you feel drowsy because that way you will not be able to complete your journey as planned. When you take your break try to enjoy the time you have with your friends to relax your muscles and mind.

Planning Your Route

Decide the roads you will be going through even before you start the journey. This will definitely help you to reach in time. You can do some research on which roads you can take to reach your destination quickly and are they ideal for long distance motorcycle riding. There are many routes that can provide you some exotic landscapes that you should not miss so make sure you cover those roads as well because that way you will make your long distance riding more enjoyable and better. In some countries, they have special narrow roads that have many curves for those who want to enjoy their motorcycle ride.

Fuel Planning

If you are not using regular highways then you need to look at the next challenge that you will face and that is that you won’t find many gas stations. You need to make sure that you don’t run out of gas in a deserted place because that can put an end to your wonderful long distance riding journey. Hence, always do some research on how many gas stations are available through the roads that you will pass and if they are open throughout the day or only on specific hours. This will keep you on the move because you know how far you are from the next gas station on your route. On the other hand, don’t keep riding till your motorcycle runs out of gas. Make sure that you fill up your tank when it is halfway empty that way you never run out of gas.

Traffic Rules

You may be in a holiday mood and excited about your long distance riding tour but that does not mean that you forget the traffic rules. No matter wherever you are you cannot afford to break traffic rules because you might land up into problems. Always make sure that you are not riding faster than the speed you or your motorcycle can handle. Apart from that you need to keep looking for the sign posts that come up on the side of the road. If the sign tells you to slow down then you have to slow down your speeds especially if you are in foreign country that observe strict traffic rules.

How Many Miles in a Day?

If you are covering long distances you need to decide how many miles you need to cover per day. There are certain routes and mountain passes that are closed on specific days because of weather problems and you should take that into account. Hence, you should always make note of how many miles you are covering and need to cover up per day to reach your destination on time. If you are behind the schedule you can change your route and take the shortest route to cover up.

Maps and Guides

If you are not interested in using maps you can have the GPS navigation system with you on your bike as that will allow you to take the shortest route to your destination. Sometimes the road you are riding on looks boring and therefore you can re-route and look for some interesting routes that have great landscapes and views to keep your journey memorable forever.

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