Interesting and Cheapest Places to Travel in US

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Are you travelling to United States for some work? Well, we usually think that developed countries like US can sap up a lot of money when we think of them from vacation point of view, but like every other country in the world there are some places in the United States that wont loot all your money and provide you with some great deals that you will always remember.

Cheapest Places to Travel

Here we take a quick look at some of the cheapest places to travel in US.

National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington D.C.

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Let’s start from the capital city of the United States where you can find some cheap tickets to see and know more about how the history of this country unfolded in the past. You don’t even need to take a taxi here because it is better to walk and look at some of the historic buildings in America. Hence, when you are thinking of some cheapest places to travel you can always come down to Washington D.C. where you can enjoy good and budget hotels that can provide you with accommodation and food of your choice and budget. You can take a look at the National Mall, Memorial Parks, Jefferson Memorials and Washington and Lincoln Memorials too. Hence, you can enjoy good information about history at a very low price to pay.

Faneuil Hall in Boston

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Boston has always attracted many international visitors for the kind of environment it has, but if you are looking for cheap places in the United States then you can certainly enjoy Faneuil Hall Marketplace. You can enjoy and have some really great time with your friends and family members. This place is a combination of four different markets like Faneuil Hall, North Market, South Market and even Quincy Market. Hence, you will find lot of stuff happening here. You will find thousands of travelers and visitors from all over the country entertaining and shopping. You will even find many jugglers and musicians performing on the streets so you don’t have to spend big bucks to watch out opera and dance to the tune that these street musicians play.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina

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It is rightly said that the most beautiful things in the world are for free. If you want to escape from the noisy urban environment then take your car and head to North Carolina or Tennessee where you can enjoy the beauty of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You will definitely enjoy your time here if you are with your partner and you don’t have to look for some expensive hotels here as there are many bars and small restaurants out here that serve best county food. So you don’t end up spending big bucks but you still get the best the nature can provide.

Lake Mead National Recreation in Arizona

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If you are in Arizona or Nevada don’t miss out the Lake Mead National Recreation which is also one of the cheapest places in the US. It is probably the largest man-made lake and reservoir and many people come here to enjoy boating and fishing activities. The place is far away from regular city environment and therefore you can bring on your car and have some really nice time with your friends and family members without spending too many dollars for nothing. The area around Lake Mead is beautiful and therefore you can always go exploring different areas around Lake Mead. The boating and fishing activities here will not cost you much even if you haven’t brought your own boat or fishing rods.

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