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7 Golden Tips to Cut Cost While Traveling in the Year 2013

by on Thursday, February 28, 2013  No Comments

Harsh economic trends and situations have pushed many frequent travelers and tourists on back foot as they can hardly decide which places they would like to travel in the future considering the rising inflation and soaring prices of air tickets and accommodations around the world. Travelling today is an expensive affair and therefore many travelers look out for simpler ways where they can cut down the overall cost of travel to save more and use that money on something else that can make their travel memorable and better.


by travelmapiperu841

Let’s look out for better ways that we can find to cut down the overall cost of travel if you are planning to travel alone or with your family and friends in the year 2013.

4 New Mountain Resorts that are Worth Visiting

by on Tuesday, February 26, 2013  No Comments

Travelers today are more conscious about making the best use of the limited holiday time that they have and therefore they look out for new destinations and better resorts that an offer them superior comfort and low price options. Mountain resorts are soon becoming popular across the world as many families and groups decide to hit some of the adventurous destinations where they can have a good time with their loved ones and also enjoy some outdoor activities that offers better holiday memories that they can take back home. Here we find out more about the best new mountain resorts in the world that are gaining popularity with travelers.

Tahoe Mountain Resorts Lodging

If you are looking for new mountain resorts that can offer you better options at affordable rates then you can look out for Tahoe Mountain Resorts. This mountain resort offers a condo resort experience located in the Truckee’s Northstar neighborhood. The resort is close to Kings Beach State Park and therefore family and friends can visit the park whenever they like. The resort also offers better options like coffee shops, snack bar, golf courses, health club, children swimming pool, and sauna and steam room.


Tahoe Mountain Resorts also offer shuttle service for a round trip to airport that saves money as well. The resort also offers tour assistance that can offer better views of the nearby tourist attractions. The rooms are well furnished and offer all kind of technology comforts that one can think of. This smoke free property also offers concierge desk, housekeeping and other guests services. The resort charges around $319 and above per night.

Things to remember before going trekking

by on Monday, January 21, 2013  No Comments


by karendotcom127

Trekking provides amazing opportunities to visit remote parts of the world, and while having a relaxed attitude to meeting new people and experiencing new cultures is a good thing, to make it even more enjoyable it’s necessary to give careful thought to certain arrangements before setting out.  Here are a few salient pointers to guide both experienced trekkers and those who are new to the adventure.

The Best Zoos in North America

by on Thursday, November 01, 2012  No Comments

Many people have fond memories of visiting the zoo as a child. Once we have children of our own, we can help contribute to a child’s memories as they watch the lions in awe (“Look, it’s Simba!”) or learn about conservation and the rest of the world. Here is a shortlist of some of the best zoological parks that North America has to offer the child in all of us.

Jungle Island

by Bob B. Brown

Located in the cultural center of Miami, Florida, Jungle Island features hundreds of different animal species in a tropical landscape. There are plenty of trails, 300 types of bird species, and even a liger – yes, they’re real! There are plenty of programs available for children, including Jungle Slumber where children experience hands-on animal interactions and spend a night at the park.

How To Get Lots Of Work Done On Your Holiday

by on Wednesday, September 05, 2012  No Comments

A holiday is meant to be a time to switch off and to revel in the opportunity to not do anything and to explore and tan. I get that I do, but sometimes I actually want to work, and sometimes working is what I do in order to relax. I might be weird in that way, but I am so interested in the work I do and have so many projects constantly on the go that I actually relish the opportunity to focus on them without distractions as much as other people relish the chance to get stuck into one of the Twilight novels… And I also happen to know that I’m not alone in feeling that way.

Photo by jisc_infonet

The trouble of course is how you work while you’re on holiday and when you don’t have access to all of your normal supplies and tools – sometimes not even an internet connection. But fear not, it is possible to get a good amount of work done still. Here I’ll let you in on how I do it…

Travel Insurance: A Must for Every Traveler

by on Wednesday, July 11, 2012  No Comments

Travelling abroad is probably one of the best experiences of our life and therefore we are really excited about it. However, we also need to focus on many different things when we are moving to places where we are strangers. There are many travelers that feel that travel insurance is important and they need that whenever they are flying abroad. If you are not sure about travel insurance you need to start searching for more information that you can find from some of your friends that have already travelled abroad. If you are still not convinced here are some of the reasons on why you need to have travel insurance when you are flying international.

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