Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore

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Are you interested in taking a break from your hectic work for some holiday time? Holidays are really important to us because they make us feel better and calm down our senses. However, it is also very important that we select better destinations where can enjoy better holiday time with our family and friends. Singapore is among the best travel and holiday destinations which is why so many people flock to Singapore throughout the year. Today, Singapore has many places where you can have some quality time and enjoy every moment of your life.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 places to visit in Singapore.

1. Marina Bay

If you are in Singapore you need to visit this place which is located in the southern part of Singapore. Marina Bay is one of the busiest and populated places in Singapore because there are thousands of people here looking out for some kind of entertainment. This location is not only popular with foreign and domestic tourists but also with local people who come here for work and for living. Hence, you will find that there are lot of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other lifestyle events happening here all the time. You can even watch the popular iconic Merlion structure here which symbolizes Singapore in its own way. Hence, Marina Bay is among the top places to visit in Singapore.

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2. Sentosa Island

If you want to break free from all kind of stress and worries then you need to visit Sentosa Island which is a premier island resort that will take care of all your holiday events. You can enjoy staying here and use different facilities that are provided. The island is highly rated by most foreign tourists because they get an excellent combination of high class facilities and comfort. Interestingly, the white sand that you find on the beach is entirely imported from different countries. Sentosa Island also has other facilities like Underwater World and Songs of the Sea.

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3. Changi Village

Do you want to break free from the noisy environment of the city? Well, then visit Changi Village which is located in the north eastern side of Singapore. If you have a car you can take a car and travel around 11 miles from the main city. Many foreign tourists find this place interesting because it shows the striking difference between the earlier Singapore and the new one. The atmosphere here is very calm and peaceful which is another reason why people flock here to have some peace of mind.

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4. Chinatown

There is no doubt that Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures and therefore you will find people from different communities blending their culture at all time. Chinatown should definitely be on your must-see list when you are in Singapore because this place will virtually take you in Chinese world where you will find the best Chinese cuisines and shops. It is a unique combination of Singapore-Chinese heritage that you won’t find in China as well. You should not miss out this one.

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5. Little India

Foreign tourists who would like to feel the essence of Indian culture must visit Little India which is very different from Chinatown. There are buses and MRT available from different parts of Singapore to Little India so you can travel easily to this location. You will find local Indians here selling all the Indian products and groceries which are exclusive to India. You can even catch a glimpse of Indian temples here like Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

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6. Singapore Zoo

Do you love being in touch with nature? If you are going to Singapore with your family and kids then you must not miss out Singapore Zoo. This zoo is packed with people who come here with their kids or if they are wildlife lovers. There are two added attractions here known as Rain Forest Kidzworld and Boat Ride which is known to entertain your kids all day long. There are many restaurants and cafe available here so you can spend an entire day at the zoo.

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7. Singapore River

Do you always feel that you want to be close to your partner while you are in the boat watching the beautiful architecture on both sides? Well, you can do that when you are in Venice, but you can also do that when you are in Singapore. The Singapore River is very long and it cuts through the city and therefore you can hire a boat and enjoy watching Singapore city from the river.

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8. Orchard Road

Shopaholics must not miss out going to Orchard Road because this road is well known for its shopping belt. There are many malls interlinked so that you can keep on shopping till you drop.

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9. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Not so far from Orchard Road is Singapore Botanic Gardens which is a perfect destination for nature lovers. This is also one of the most popular destinations in the world because of the number of variety of plants species available here. Flower lovers should never miss this place.

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10. Night Safari

You might have enjoyed night life in various pubs and discos but when you are in Singapore you should check out the Night Safari where you can enjoy watching nocturnal animals very closely like never before under special lights.

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