Top 3 Value Destinations for 2011 that You Should Not Miss

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Who said you need to be a millionaire to enjoy your travel? Of course, if you don’t have enough money you cannot go to some of the most exotic and luxury places in the world, but luxury is not the only thing that travelers look out for. There are many travelers out there who are interested in going to different places where economy is down and currency value is depressed and where they can enjoy the best time of their life.

Best Destinations for 2011

Here we provide you with some of the best value destinations for 2011.

1. Bangladesh


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Although you might be surprise how Bangladesh can be among the best value destinations but it is true that you can enjoy the best natural locations here at the cheapest price that you can imagine. Bangladesh should be on your cards if you are looking for some nice getaway from hectic lifestyle and enjoying some quiet moments in the lap of nature. The travel here won’t cost you much and you will find better meals here that charge you around $1 to $2 per day. If you are looking for better hotels you can enjoy hotel rooms that will cost you around $10 and that is certainly no big deal. There are many scenic locations here including the Sunderbans National Park where you can spot the Royal Bengal tiger for only $150 or even less. You can have good time in Chittagong and enjoy some shopping as well here. If you love history you can visit museums, lakes and even historic war sites. Hence, you can spend a lot of time here if you have some more cash in your pocket.

2. Philippines


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If you are looking for some other beach destinations then Philippines definitely fits among the best destinations for 2011. There are many undiscovered beaches here in Philippines and therefore many travelers are now looking to head to Philippines where they can find some great beaches at the best prices. You can get the best food here at $20 and therefore you can eat and merry on the beach whole day. Although, you cannot compare it with the beaches in Thailand, but travelers who are concerned about their budget definitely come here so that they can stay and have fun around the beach and try some of the best Asian food. There are many ferries going in and out of Philippines all the time that take you for a ride for $5 per hour. If you are not interested in it then you can take a look at the Chocolate Hills or Paco Park or enjoy watching Coconut Palace that has been made out of coconut. Hence, there are many sites and landmarks available here that you can enjoy even without spending too much money. Philippines certainly provides good time to all budget travelers who are concerned about spending money wisely.

3. Argentina


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If you are a soccer fan you should also checkout Argentina for once because the country is not as expensive as it seems to be. Many budget travelers are now looking forward to Argentina because it is loaded with some great locations where families and couples can stay when they are visiting this place. Some of the good hotels in Buenos Aires and Patagonia charge you somewhere around $40 per night and you get all kinds of options that you want. You can even get delicious meals for extra $30 per head. Hence, you can still enjoy some great time with your partner and friends when you are in Argentina. If you want to enjoy a soccer match here you can get tickets for $4 which is certainly in your budget.

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