Top 6 Romantic Places in Paris for Honeymoon Couples

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Paris has always been known as the most romantic city on the planet, but when you are in Paris with your loved one you need to take her to the best places where you can enjoy some of the best quality time. To be honest, there are plenty of romantic places in Paris where you can take your date or your wedding partner.

Romantic Places in Paris

Here, we will take a quick look at the top 6 most romantic places in Paris where you can be together with your loved one and enjoy the best that Paris can offer to you.

1. Place de Furstenberg

If you are looking for some quite moments that can allow you to talk more to your partner then you should visit the Place de Furstenberg which is one of the charming squares in Paris. There is no traffic here and therefore you don’t get all that urban commotion and noise that you normally find when you are on busy streets of Paris. There is a 17th century abbatial palace here along with street lights that make the entire atmosphere very romantic. You can come here with your partner and enjoy that quality time and talks that you could never share with your partner when you are in the city environment. You can visit this place in day time or even in the evening time when the street lights are on. The wooden benches are available for eternal lovers where they can sit down and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Place des Vosges


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Originally, this place was called Place Royale, but it has been renamed as Place des Vosges. This place is located in Marais district and it is the oldest planned square in the entire Paris. The buildings here are very old and historic and the view is simple breathtaking. Hence, this is the perfect spot for romantic people who want to spend some time from their hectic life. Everything here is well planned including the direction of the buildings, pathways and even fountains. It is certainly among the best romantic places in Paris where you should be with your partner.

3. Parc Monceau


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

If you like walking with your partner hand in hand then Parc Monceau should be on your list too. The park is quite big and covers around 20 acres and has a rotunda at the entrance which looks magnificent. The park is definitely bit different from the rest of the parks in Paris because it is made in English style rather than French style. The park has curved walkways which are perfect for couples who want to take a nice evening walk where they can have some quality time and feel love in the air. The park also has area for kids but you don’t have to worry about the noise because they are far away from you.

4. Banks of the Seine


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Since Paris has always been an attraction spot for lovers and couples many have come to banks of the Seine. You cannot afford to miss this place especially during the evening time because the view is just spectacular and you will find that you have seen the same landscape in various Hollywood movies too. You will find many couples here walking hand in hand with their partners. The place is bit crowded but it is not as noisy as it seems because people are too involved in their own love. You can walk all the way and enjoy the sun setting behind the location.

5. Avenue des Champs


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Elysees – This place is one of the most prestigious avenues in Paris and also one of the romantic places in Paris. The avenue is also voted among the most famous streets in the world and many people claim that it is the best avenue in the world. You can not only spend quality time with your partner but you can even enjoy some good food and shopping time with your partner. This 2 kilometer avenue has the best cinemas, cafes and shops where you can enjoy your time with your partner.

6. Tuileries Garden


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Another romantic place in Paris where you should be with your partner is Tuileries Garden. This garden is certainly very popular in Paris and considered as one of the most celebrated and relaxed places. You will find a lot of benches and spaces where you can sit with your loved ones undisturbed and talk about your feelings. There are many cafes around the garden so you can always enjoy better French fast food when you are hungry.

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